Toddler Rushes Inside To Tell Mom Dial 911, Shocked By What She Finds


An Indiana toddler is being called a hero for what he did when he saw an elderly woman in urgent need of help.

Lee McFarland, 2, was playing outside his home in Noblesville, Indiana, while his mother was inside, getting things done around the house. The mother regularly checked on the toddler and never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

While Lee was playing, his elderly neighbor went outside for a walk. But shortly after passing by, she tripped and fell.

Lee was the only person outside to witness the fall and knew he needed to do something to help his neighbor as he watched her struggling to get back up, according to Mad World News.

He jumped into action, running inside to tell his mother what happened. He asked his mother to call for help.

While many children would be too panicked in such a situation and wouldn’t know to call for help, Lee immediately recognized that something was wrong and knew that he needed his mother to call somebody to help his neighbor.

The toddler’s mother was proud of what her son did that day.

“It’s awesome, it’s awesome,” said Lee’s mother, Victoria Davis. “Not every day do we hear of a 2-year-old, or 2-and-a-half year old who we can credit to saving a life. We don’t hear that every day on the news.”

Lee is being credited with potentially saving the elderly woman’s life. Had he not been outside or known to ask his mom for help, there is not telling how long she may have been left outside, unable to get up. 

The woman, who was not identified, was back in her home after just a few days, recovering from the fall.

Readers shared their thoughts on the story on The New Resistance’s Facebook page. Some expressed concern about the fact that the toddler was outside by himself at the time of the incident.

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