I Thought This Man Was Mean To His Dog, But Then The Pooch Left Me In Stitches

Dogs are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are known for their beautiful nature, their loyalty, and their intelligence.

In fact, they are said to be as smart as a two year old human kid! That is pretty impressive if you ask me! Because of their intelligence, they have been assisting mankind in many different ways.

You can train them to do tricks, and you can even train them for things like therapy, and bomb and drugs detection.

Dogs are also very playful. They love participating in whatever their friends and family are doing. Their silly antics always keep you entertained, don’t they?

Our canine friends can make us laugh without even trying! Just take a look at the dog in the video below for instance!

This precious pooch is the perfect example. He is named Mudd and he has never been on a trampoline before. So one day his owner decides to let him test it out!

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