Things Take A Sad Turn After Stranger Pays Single Mom’s $200 Grocery Bill


A San Diego woman says she is heartbroken after learning that the man who offered to pay her more than $200 grocery tab passed away just 24 hours later.

Jamie-Lynne Knighten only met Matthew Jackson briefly. She was grocery shopping at a local Trader Joe’s when her credit card was declined due to an anti-fraud block, NBC 7 reported.

With her 5-month-old baby boy crying in her arms, and a mounting line behind her, Knighten struggled to get her credit card company on the phone.

“[My baby] just wasn’t having it,” Knighten told NBC 7. “By the time we got to the check-out, I was done.” That’s when Jackson stepped in and offered to pay for the woman’s groceries.

Knighten refused Jackson’s offer at first, but the 28-year-old was persistent. He asked her again, and Knighten said she could tell that he genuinely wanted to help her.

She accepted Jackson’s offer, which came under one condition. He made her promise that one day she would do the same for someone else. “It just felt like this huge hug, this great big bear hug,” Knighten told the LA Times.

The married mother-of-two couldn’t get Jackson and his random act of kindness out of her mind. She remembered that he mentioned working at a local LA Fitness Gym, so she called to let the manager know what a good guy Jackson was.

“That’s when [the manager] started crying,” Knighten told NBC 7. The manager, Angela Lavinder, informed Knighten that Jackson had been killed in a car accident. The crash occurred less than 24 hours after his good deed.

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