Teens Bully Boy At Burger King. When Stranger Talks To Manager, Response Leaves Him Speechless

The customers’ responses to their “bullied” food versus the way they responded to the actual bullying are very telling. Click below to see it for yourself:

Thankfully, there were some people who stood up for the bullied teen, but the sad reality is that while 95 percent of people spoke up about their messed up burgers, only 12 percent were willing to stand up to the bullies.

It’s a sad world we live in when people will speak up for themselves but not for those in need. Hopefully, many people will see this ad and be inspired by the few people who did stand up for the young boy.

Every one of us can make a difference. It just takes one person and one kind act to change someone’s life forever.

We all have a little good inside us. Share it today!

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