Teen Walks Into Hospital With Shoe Box. When Nurse Looks Inside Can’t Believe Her Eyes

Many of us underestimate the power of our interactions with the people we come across in our workplace. We sometimes take for granted the opportunities to be compassionate toward others and we don’t always aim to brighten up someone’s day.

Certain jobs, though, require its workers to have a bit more engagement and compassion than others.

Jeannie Joseph, a neonatal nurse at SwedishAmerican in Illinois, got to witness the blossomed fruit of some loving seeds she planted into a young girl over a decade ago.

Back in 2004, already well into her profession, Jeannie was working her usual shift when a frantic young boy in a hooded sweatshirt came into the hospital carrying a shoe box. The medical staff could sense the urgency on his face and in his posture and tended to him at once.

When they looked inside the box, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Wrapped in a dishtowel and dressed in a onesie from a doll was a six-week-old premature baby boy.

Immediately, a few nurses took the baby into isolation as others stayed behind to get as much information as possible from the young man who was, in fact, the baby’s father.

Posted by Jeannie Whalen Joseph on Monday, October 16, 2017

“We were sad, of course, but we had to work very fast with this baby,” Jeannie said.

Dr. Martin Anyebuno, who attended the infant the day he was brought in, was shocked that the baby arrived breathing on his own as he was gravely ill with a body temperature of 94.7 degrees Fahrenheit. The baby boy had to be treated for hypothermia, dehydration, and an infection which had been caused by his mother cutting the umbilical cord with a pair of house scissors.

Under the Safe Haven law, unharmed newborn babies can be “abandoned” at any location permitted by the law with no penalty for the parents. Jeannie told the young man that if he chose to relinquish his rights at that moment, he would no longer be able to get updates on the baby’s health. She gave him two parental bracelets so he and/or the mother could come visit any time while they made up their minds.

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