Son Dies Suddenly, Then Devastated Parents Find Secret Note That Leaves Them Stunned

Sadly, only a short time later, Leland passed away.

“Reality still hasn’t set in that he’s not here with us,” Amber wrote. “We miss him terribly. Today we go to pick out his headstone. I’m not ready for this either. I’m not sure how I’m going to go on without him. How do you not only say goodbye to a child but your best friend.”

Leland’s devastated parents went home from the hospital for the first time to try to do the unthinkable – pick out the clothes for Leland’s burial. That’s when they saw it – a spiral-bound notebook sitting on the table in the living room.

When Amber saw what was written on it she broke down in tears.

Perhaps somehow knowing he would never make it home, Leland had left a note for his parents to find.

“Still with you / thank you mom and dad / love mom and dad /  it’s a good day,” the note read.

“We were in shock and broke down as soon as we saw it,” Amber said. “He was amazing in life and still is after his passing. He touched everyone he met and we are amazed at how many lives he’s touched since he left us.”

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