Shocking footage shows man knocking out woman after she flicks her cigarette at him


The smokers area of nightclubs are a funny place. They’re usually the social hub of the establishment, with people seeking solace from the booming music and incessant dancing that goes on inside those four walls.

I love a smokers area and I don’t even smoke, but it’s nice to take a breather and actually be able to actually talk to people, rather than gesturing and screaming in each other’s ears in order to take a drinks order. However, for all the good that happens in smokers areas, they are also the place where things usually kick off.

Put a load of heavily intoxicated people in an area where they can actually hear and interact with each other, and the likelihood is that something will eventually kick off.

However, while drunken scraps are an often comical flurry of fists and slaps, with little damage actually being done, the following footage is just downright horrible, shocking and shows a cowardly act of violence that is completely unnecessary.

The footage below shows the harrowing moment that a thug knocks out a young woman outside of a nightclub in Russia with just one punch.

The woman can be seen standing outside of the Milk nightclub in the city of Ulyanovsk, Russia, lighting up a cigarette. As she lights the cigarette, a man can be seen coming close to her and blowing out her match, which understandably annoys the woman and leads to her flicking the cigarette at him.

Rather than just laughing the incident off an apologising, the man responds by punching the woman square in the face, knocking her to the ground and seemingly rendering her unconscious. Despite the best attempts by the attacker to drag the woman onto her feet, she doesn’t seem responsive.

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