This Precious Pup Drags A Garbage Bag Home From The Dump – Shocked, His Owner Immediately Calls 911

She was in pretty rough condition but thrived under the gentle and professional care. She will certainly have quite a story to tell as she grows up. Most babies are delivered by storks…she was delivered by a very smart dog!

Although it was a human that actually got the baby to the hospital, everyone realizes that without Pui’s intervention, no one would have likely ever known the baby existed. Except for her mother.

Pui received a leather collar and a medal from the Tha Rua district Red Cross Chapter for saving the girl’s life. He seems to enjoy living a hero’s life. Pui’s owner got a $300 reward, reported the Bangkok Post.

“It′s lucky that Little Pui found the baby. It was a surprise to us, since Little Pui never brought anything home, only barking at strangers when he’s out and about,” Poomrat Thongmak, told Thailand’s Khaosod newspaper. “Must be destiny that brought us together.”

There were no immediate leads as to who might be the mother of the child. But, Police Lieutenant General Jitkasaem Sonkom told Khaosod that investigators believe it is a teenage girl who works at a nearby factory.

The baby girl is doing well. Thongmak said she wants to adopt the child. She knows that she has built in help caring for the child. After all, Pui already saved her life once!

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