Parents Yank Kids Out Of School After Principal’s ‘Disgusting’ Pictures Leak (Photo)


Alleged misconduct unbecoming of a school principal has caused parents to withdraw their children from their local school.

It all began when Crestomere School principal Penny Mueller posed in a photo with a fellow teacher where fellatio was being simulated against the phallic-shaped Washington Monument, reports the National Post.

  • Mueller and the teacher were in Washington D.C. for a taxpayer-funded conference.
  • The photo was posted to Facebook by the teacher, not Mueller.

An investigation into the matter following complaints found insufficient evidence against Mueller to warrant a disciplinary hearing.

“It was a private photo,” Alberta Teacher’s Association (ATA) executive secretary Gordon Thomas said.  “The principal didn’t post it.”

The teacher who did post the photo to Facebook was reprimanded and fined $500 by the ATA after parents and former students saw the picture.

Parent Lori Turner pulled her children out of the school after Mueller criticized her in a private meeting over the photo with senior officials at the Wolf Creek School Division.

“She asked me if I had never been young and stupid once, and I said ‘sure,’ but never when my career was guiding and mentoring children,” Turner said. The problems did not stop after the lewd photo for Mueller.

Another parent, Barb Neilson, has removed her children from the school following the posting of crude jokes to Mueller’s Pinterest account, reports the Daily Mail.

One repost on Mueller’s account shows a drawing of two women playing squash while wearing tight clothing.

The caption to the drawing read: “Shorts: if it looks like your vagina is trying to eat them, they’re not for you.”

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