Man Stumbles Upon Gigantic Muscular Kangaroo Bathing In Australian Creek

“His claws were really big – they were as long as my hand. That for me was even scarier than his muscles, they looked nasty. 

I have never seen a kangaroo be so defensive – it definitely looked like he was puffing his chest muscles up. I definitely wouldn’t like to take him on in a boxing match.” These giant muscular kangaroos are crazy intimidating. Nobody could or should fight them, except for that one guy who boxed out a kangaroo to protect his dog.

He punched that kangaroo straight in the face – but those claws sound really bad. They’ll rip you open. A kangaroo is like an ape fused with a bear.

When a jacked kangaroo springs up from his relaxed bath to stare you in the eye, that’s a sign to run.

Unless he chases you into your grandma’s house, beats up you and your grandmother, robs the place, steals some booze and jumps back into the spring, and slowly colonizes Australia.

Maybe kangaroos will grow bigger brains and just become humanity’s main competitors, like Planet of the Apes, except they can jump around like mad and slap you silly with gnashing claws. Kangaroos are cute sometimes, but giant ones like this are just frightening.

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