Dog Sleeps On Streets For 11 Years, Then Wakes From Nap To Find Whole World Changed

It took compassion and loads of patience to help Solo become more comfortable. The poor dog had unresolved health issues – Messina discovered he had a hearing impairment that was much worse than everyone initially thought.

She realized that the timidness and jumpiness she had noticed wasn’t caused by fear, but by being startled by people around him out of his range of sight.

Solo also had dental problems that caused him to be lethargic and in constant pain. Putting off her own planned surgery, Messina paid to have Solo’s teeth repaired. Now he’s a much happier and playful dog. He’s even made a best friend in the neighborhood – a dog named Bailey, whom Solo visits often.

Considerate of his severe hearing loss, Messina purchased a vest for Solo that says “Deaf dog.” This is to let people know to be careful around him. She also helps Solo in other ways.

When entering a room, she’ll flicker the lights so he knows someone is there. She also intends on moving to a one-level home so Solo won’t need to navigate stairs as he continues to age.

Thanks to Solo, Messina has become inspired to take in other older dogs and give them a happy life for as long as she can. Despite all his health problems, she’s going to love and care for Solo so he’ll have a life filled with all the joy and pleasure he spent the majority of his life without.

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