Doctors Think Man Has Lung Cancer, Jaws Drop When They See What ‘Tumor’ Really Is

They said it’s common for kids to swallow unusual articles, but this type of case was unheard of where the symptoms developed so much later in life.

“Kids eat things and I obviously chewed on my toys, but I can’t even remember swallowing it to be honest,” Paul said later. “I have been told that I must have inhaled it for it to go into my windpipe. If I had swallowed it, it would have gone into my stomach and out the other end.”

Thankfully, four months after the toy was removed, Paul made a full recovery. His cough is now completely gone.

Playmobil Fire Chief and Car 4822 set. Here comes the Playmobil Fire chief in his red car. Included in this set is one…

Posted by Table Mountain Toys on Friday, October 17, 2014

Who knew reminders of one’s childhood could show up in crazy situations like this? We’re certain Paul is over the moon that his ailment was caused by a plastic toy rather than a cancerous tumor!

A man was tested for suspected lung cancer. It turned out he had a Playmobil traffic cone in his lung for 40 years

Posted by Practical Sonography on Friday, September 29, 2017

Were you surprised to see what was causing this man’s cough after all those years? So share this!

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