3-Yr-Old Son Takes Off Running Towards Neighbor’s House. That’s When Mom Sees The Blood

‘I said ‘Ganny, neighbor’s in trouble,” Jaxon recalled. His grandma, Danette Lopez, was quite confused by the child’s behavior.

“He grabs my wrist and he’s pulling me to the door,” says Lopez. “I’m thinking he’s playing because nothing like that had ever happened.”

The neighbor was taken to the hospital where she made a quick recovery, but Jaxon’s good deed didn’t just stop there. “I got neighbor flowers,” he said.

The neighbor eventually returned back to work after the scary incident. Lopez said the woman was overwhelmed by her grandson’s heroism and “couldn’t have made it without him,” but then again, it’s no surprise why Jaxon was compelled to help.

A Facebook post by WTKR-TV stated that “it might have been his love for the animated series PAW Patrol that gave him the ‘rescue’ mindset” that day. The little boy has an infatuation with the Canadian-based Nickelodeon animated series, which features a young boy named Ryder leading six dogs on community rescue missions.

Jaxon transformed into a real-life Ryder that day, but instead of having canines accompany him on his great feat, he had the help of his courageous mom and grandma.

Spouse said, “I just want him to know what he did was great and I want to keep instilling that, those are the things we should be teaching our kids.”

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