13-yr-old builds own house for $1,500: Watch when he opens door and reveals 89 sq ft masterpiece

Do you remember what you were doing during summer back in middle school? Were you pining after a crush?

Going around and trying to earn money to spend somewhere or on something you wanted? Or were you one of those kids who was stuck in a summer camp? Whatever you found yourself doing back in those days, I can guarantee I know what you *weren’t* doing…

I’ll bet you weren’t out building a house for yourself in your parents’ backyard!

Meet thirteen-year-old Luke Thill from Dubuque, Iowa. A young boy with a lot of actual dedication you don’t see too much of these days, especially not with kids his own age.

Overall the project cost him and his parents around $1,500, but now the kid’s got himself his very own tiny home and a lot of real world knowledge he could use at any point in life.

It all started with a plan. He was bored at home one summer and got the idea to have a space all to himself, and then started researching small homes. After figuring out what all it was going to cost, what materials he needed and permission from his parents, he started putting things in motion.

First was the money, without that he wasn’t going to have anything get started. With a few donations from Mom, Dad and other relatives, he started mowing lawns for the rest. His father Greg stated he didn’t want the project to be his own, and his son was going to have to work for it. I agree. Once the funds were gathered he got to work and started the actual work.

It wasn’t long before he ran into a few snags. First off, he didn’t have a single clue as how to set up working electricity through the building, so instead he wound up helping an electrician clean out his garage and got his little home wired in return.

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