Mother Going To Jail After Seeing What Sons Were Doing At Neighbor’s House

In the meantime my office is working with the juvenile court to ensure the speedy release of the mother under conditions satisfactory to the court.”

A GoFundMe account was subsequently launched to support the mother after her story was on the news, as was a Plumfund campaign.

Spears was bonded out of jail by someone who saw her story on the news. Many readers applauded the mother for disciplining her children and criticized authorities for arresting her.

‘Mom was teaching them a lesson! A few belt marks never hurt any of us and we learned! Now you wanna guess who they’re going to blame with her little thugs get into real trouble?

They always blame the parents yet they keep the parents from teaching the kids! Such a crock of sh*t!!” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“These scumbag kids are monsters. After disrespecting themselves, their neighbor, and their mother, they had the utter worthlessness to call the police on their mom.

Unbelievable! What an absolute slap in the face as a “thank you” for actually trying to be a good mom and teach her kids right. Very sad indeed,” another added.

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