Teen Daughter Calls Mom Into Counselor’s Office. Mom Finds Out She Has Been Hiding Secret


Raising a family as a single mother is never easy. No matter how hard one works, there never seems to be quite enough time or money. Often, single mothers worry that they cannot provide the same love and access to opportunities that two-parent households typically can.

When it comes to child-rearing, as one single mother found out, love is really all that matters. While at work, she got a call from her oldest daughter, Heidi, requesting that she meet at the family’s long-time counselor.

Thank you to all single mothers giving their best for their kids to have a bright future

Publicado por Ray Lewis em Segunda, 27 de junho de 2016

There, a petrified 19-year-old Heidi disclosed to her mother that she was pregnant. Despite shock, Heidi’s mother knew what to say, “I’ll do whatever you need me to do… that’s what I’m here for.”

For this mother, it did not matter that Heidi had spent the last two years associating with unsavory companions. In that moment, she knew she had an opportunity to reach her child and, in ways, get her back.

The mother and daughter, due to Heidi’s age, agreed that adoption would be the wisest option for the expected child. They went through all the motions and selected a family that was located far away to raise the unborn child.

Then, when Heidi was ready to go into labor at any moment, the prospective adoptive family had a change of heart. For unknown reasons, they were no longer willing to take Heidi’s child.

Heidi was scared and upset. As she told her mom, her tears were not because the family backed out of the adoption, but because “I never wanted to give up the baby. I love him. But I can’t afford to keep him.”

Heidi’s mom didn’t want to give up the baby either. Regardless of her own struggle raising her three children alone, she realized that in the end it had all turned out OK. The only thing that was ever needed was love.

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