Picture Of Trump’s Hand Goes Viral For Shocking Reason (Photo)

“It is not news at all; it’s just musings by the writer,” opined another commenter. “However, it isn’t fake, either.

It would be fake if it said he didn’t wear a wedding band, when he actually did. He doesn’t wear one, so it isn’t fake, it’s true.

Very odd that some people call things that are clearly true, ‘fake.’ You probably call things that are false, ‘true’ and ‘telling it like it is.’

We live in opposite world, ever since Trump first became the nominee, and it has only gotten worse since he took over in January.”

This isn’t the first time President Trump has been seen not wearing a wedding ring.

He reportedly never wore a wedding band when he was married to his first wife, Ivana Zelnickova, and may have occasionally wore one during his second marriage to Maria Maples, according to Mercury News.

Sources: Mercury News

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