One Single Word Left This Little Boy Suspended For School For ‘Making A Terroristic Threat’ (Photos)


A Californian couple is speaking out against an elementary school after they suspended their 5-year-old son for making “terroristic threats.”

Great Valley Academy in Modesto, California, allegedly suspended kindergarten student Jackson Riley after he claimed he couldn’t take off his backpack because he had a bomb inside, reports KCRA.

“He said he couldn’t take his backpack off because it would explode, meaning he doesn’t want anybody to get hurt, so I mean, granted, it’s all in the world of pretend-play, and we’re talking about an imaginary bomb,” Jackson’s mother, Michelle Riley, said, reports the Tribune Media Wire Service.

Nothing was found upon inspection; nevertheless, the child received a one-day suspension.

In a letter, school officials told Jackson’s parents the child had violated a school code and had “intentionally engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation.”

His parents argued the rule only applied to students in grades four to 12, the Daily Mail reports. In response, the school claimed Jackson had made “terroristic threats.”

“We said, ‘This doesn’t fit, and furthermore we don’t really feel like our son was threatening you,'” Jackson’s father, Ian Riley, said. “He’s got an imagination. In his mind, he’s being this hero that’s preventing you from being exploded from an imaginary bomb in his backpack.”

Both parents believe the school responded inappropriately and request that the suspension be reconsidered.

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