Dog Gets Tired Of Sitting In The Car Waiting On His Owner, Hilariously Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

When the man got out and started walking towards the store, the honking dog did it again. This time, only a short honk. The man gave Melissa, still sitting in her car watching all of this unfold, a funny look.

“It wasn’t me!” she told the man. “It was the dog!” The dog in the backseat acted as if he was busted when she said that and sunk down.

 “I thought it was a man in a dog suit,” the man said. Then they had a good chuckle over the impatient pups.

Watch the video that Melissa took and you’ll be in stitches too! We know you’re going to laugh as hard as they did! Share this story with friends and family who could use a giggle today!

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