Pregnant Mom With 12 Daughters Prays For A Boy, But Doctors Are Floored By Her Next Sonogram

Augustina was certain at least one of the babies would be a boy. After all, doctors said it was much more common to have a boy and a girl than same-sex twins.

But alas, the twins were both girls. After the arrival of Luzelena and Marielena, six, Analilia, four, and Aravelia, two, followed.

  • Three months later, Augustina had another positive test.
  • Again, it was twins.
Mirror UK
Mirror UK

The girls were just weeks old when Augustina began to feel pregnant again!

  • Again, it was twins… and again, both girls!
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Doctors told Augustina she had a better shot of winning the lottery than getting pregnant again.

  • But what do you know: She conceived Bella and Isabella weeks later.

Above is an example of a day in the life of Augustina. As you can see, it’s jam-packed, and it’s all about the children.

Augustina says she is currently taking contraceptives, but hopes to start trying for another baby when her youngest twins turn four.

  • She thinks it would be an absolute blessing to have a son, especially for her husband.

“I have no upper limit on how many children I’d have,” she told The Mirror UK. “I’d have another 10 if it meant having a boy.”

Having 14 kids and counting may seem crazy to most, but it looks like Augustina and Jose are more than up for the challenge. Please SHARE this fascinating family with your friends on Facebook!

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