Pregnant Mom With 12 Daughters Prays For A Boy, But Doctors Are Floored By Her Next Sonogram

Augustina’s day consists of 42 loads of laundry, eight different meals, and just two hours of sleep.

While she tends to the kids (and takes them to school in a minibus), her husband Jose works seven days a week.

Jose works hard at running a landscape gardening firm to support the family.

  • Augustina had her first daughter, Belicia, with her first husband.
  • Nyelli, 13, Liliana, 12, and Vanessa, 11, followed.

“Every time I got pregnant, I was shocked,” she told The Mirror UK. “I tried all types of contraception, but something always went wrong.”

Each pregnancy sent her “over the moon.”

Mirror UK
Mirror UK
  • After Augustina met Jose, her second husband, they had Daniela, now nine.
  • Cilla, seven, followed.

Six years ago, Augustina and Jose found out they was expecting yet again – but this time, with twins.

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