These Photos Will Help You Get That Through Your Head!


1# When the warm months start up, the leggings come out.

Often the very slim kind reveal more than we’d like – skin-colored leggings in particular can lead to all kinds of problems.


#2 No she’s not nude. She just has poor tastes.

legging fat

#3 If not for the design you would think she was naked.

legging is bad

#4 People are not supposed to see your underwear through your pants.

legging room

#5 Again another poor choice.

legging choice

#6 Not only are they unattractive but she wore them inside out.

right legging

#7 Even black has it’s issues.

black legging

#8 I’m not sure what is going on here.

cool legging

#9 Double fail

new legging

#10 It’s bad when you can read what’s on your underwear through your pants. And look at that run right down the middle.

under legging

#11 Who walks out of the house like that?

hot legging

#12 Nope just pants

super legging

#13 Did she even try?

new legging

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