Firemen Drive Bullied Boy Home – Hours later, Mom sees a Stranger on Her Front Lawn

Unfortunately, bullying occurs in schools and workplaces around the world. It makes me furious, but I’m heartened that there are a lot of people working hard to put a stop to this unacceptable behavior and are also doing their best to help victims of bullying.

An American boy named Jonathan had been bullied for a long time, but the situation got even worse when he was brutally beaten.

It was then that some firefighters from a local station decided to step in – and they became the boy’s heroes.

Jonathan is a seventh grader who has autism. On the bus to school one day last fall, a boy made fun of his sneakers and called him “fat” and “stupid.”

Jonathan put on headphones so he wouldn’t have to listen to the bully. And once he got to school, he simply went about his day. But on the bus ride home, things got much worse.

Image Source: YouTube/CBS

Another student beat up Jonathan. He crushed his glasses, broke his lip, and left bruises on his face.

Jonathan’s autism makes it difficult to have self-control. But on that day, he made lots of people proud. He didn’t fight back.

Image Source: YouTube/CBS

Some emergency medical technicians from the local fire station came to the scene, called the boy’s mother, and drove him home.

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