Cop Has No Idea He’s Being Filmed. His Reaction To Mom Leaving Kids In A Hot Car Goes Viral


As summer heats up, it is important to remember that high temperatures can be dangerous for pets, the elderly, and children.

And since it is 2017, nobody should still need to be told not to leave kids in hot cars. Well, we just found a Canadian woman who hadn’t got the memo.

Thankfully, a police officer was able to teach her a lesson or two in how to keep from killing her kids. You are going to love this video when you watch it.

A Vancouver police officer lost his cool recently when he discovered that a woman had left her children in a locked car while she went grocery shopping for twenty minutes.

A 911 call from an anonymous source dispatched a police officer, a fire truck, and paramedics to a grocery store parking lot.

When they freed the children for the luxury sedan, the police officer spoke with the mother, saying “What kind of parent are you? You don’t seem to understand the danger you put your children in.

The windows were up, it’s hot out. Your children could have died. No, you don’t seem to understand the danger you’ve put these children into. Listen to me. You’re talking when you should be listening. Your children could have died.

The windows were up, it’s hot out. Why are you arguing? Do you want me to seize your kids and you’ll never see them again?”

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