Woman Quits Job To Breastfeed Boyfriend Every 2 Hours — Here’s Why


This is the most disturbing thing you will read today. A bartender in Georgia took time off of work so she could breastfeed her boyfriend.

Yes, you read that right – breastfeed her adult boyfriend. Jennifer Mulford had a baby twenty years ago, but started to dry-feed and pumped her breasts every two hours to start lactating.

Mullford claims she wants to create a magical bond that only comes from breastfeeding.

Yes, the bond is supposed to be between mother and child – not boyfriend and girlfriend! Mullford and her 36-year-old boyfriend have was to a called an adult breastfeeding relationship.

There are apparently websites you can visit to find a person willing to enter this type of relationship with you.

Take a look at this video:

Mullford had even used Craigslist to find a partner. No thank you! I prefer to make my magical connection with my significant other differently!

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