Teacher Suspended Over This ‘Provocative’ Selfie. Do You See A Problem With It? (Photos)

The head teacher of the school, Sue Carbert, released a statement addressing the controversy.

“If we have any concerns about a staff member, this would not be discussed with students,” Carbert said. “We are aware of [rumors] but conclusions are being drawn which have no factual basis.”

Many readers expressed similar frustration with the school’s decision to suspend Ferguson for the photo.

“The fact is, if she wasn’t an attractive woman with a good figure there would be no uproar about this photo.

The school have chosen to ‘sexualise’ the image in response to her level of attractiveness. It is in no way inappropriate. Not in the slightest,” one Daily Mail reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“It’s not even a skirt it’s shorts!! This is ridiculous. Why are they judging a person based on what they wear in their own time??

That’s sad and backwards, maybe they’ve done her a favour as I wouldn’t want to work with such small minded busy bodies! Good luck to this lovely lady,” another wrote.

“Shes not allowed her own life outside of school? The picture is not bad whatsoever. These kids see worse on tv every day. It has to be tiring to have to be conservative and professional all day every day. Shes just showing some legs and proud of it,” another added.

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