Mom Horrified When 10-Month-Old Writhes in Pain, Then Finds It Crawling on Him. Races to Hospital

Any place you choose to live will have its dangers; name the state and someone will name the danger. If it’s not severe weather conditions, it’s snakes, spiders, and insects that can leave you with a painful bite or land you in the hospital.

Arizona is no different than any other state, and one of its creatures will leave you with a painful sting. Out of all 40 species of scorpion that reside in the Southwest, the bark scorpion is the only one whose sting is considered life threatening.

These creepy crawlies can climb quite well, and this is when human and scorpion usually meet. These scorpions will crawl into an unsuspecting human’s bed, chair or shoe, looking for insects to eat or a place to hide. Which can lead to a very unpleasant encounter.

Kelsie Lewis of Buckeye, Arizona, wants to ensure that people are aware of these scorpions and their painful sting. She was lead to spread awareness after a sting from a bark scorpion left her son recovering in the hospital.

She noticed her 10-month-old son was behaving unusually, having what appeared to be a tantrum. The baby was clearly distraught, and Kelsie soon found out why.

She discovered a bark scorpion crawling on him, and she realized then that this wasn’t a fit. Jericho had been stung twice by the scorpion, once on his arm and again on his thigh.

He was suffering from a severe reaction to the venom. He began to have trouble breathing and his face turned red; the symptoms included vomiting and rapid eye and tongue movement.

The bark scorpion’s venom is a neuro-toxin and works quickly in a small body like Jericho’s. Kelsie recounted, “It’s like a whole-body spasm because it attacks their neurological system.”

The family knew of the danger that Jericho faced and quickly called 911. Once he arrived at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, doctors began treating the baby with anti-venom, and because he had been stung twice, doctors had to give him two doses to stop his reaction.

Jericho’s grandma filmed him as the he reacted to the venom that was wreaking havoc on his tiny body. The family felt quiet helpless as the anti-venom began to work, “There’s really nothing you can do to console them at that point. It’s just waiting,” Kelsie said.

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Three days after his nightmare ordeal, Jericho is back to his happy self with little to show other than light bruising where he was stung. Kelsie wishes that no parent would have to go through this ordeal.

It is rare that a scorpion sting is fatal. However, the situation is different for children, the elderly, or immune compromised. Mayo Clinic suggests seeking medical help if a child is stung.

If you find that you have been stung by a scorpion, it’s important to react quickly before symptoms set in: Take an antihistamine and an anti-inflammatory, clean the sting site with soap and water, apply ice every 10 minutes for the first two hours after the sting. A quick call to poison control can help you decide if you need to seek out medical attention.

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