Kids Fill Courtroom Waiting For Judge. Then He Tells Family Of 13 What They’ve Longed To Hear

Childhood can be quite tough for foster kids. Being sent from home to home is hard enough, but oftentimes children are also separated from their siblings.

This can lead to all kinds of trouble. Foster kids can develop behavioral issues as a consequence of lacking steady role models or authority figures.

Indeed, foster kids often have the deck stacked against them. However, many foster families go the extra mile to give the children in their care the best childhood possible.

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Giving foster children “the best childhood possible” may at times lead to adoption. For many foster kids, adoption is a brand-new beginning. Often, it marks the first time that a child has truly felt they were part of a family.

That’s exactly what happened when Christina and Christopher Sanders decided to welcome a few new foster children into their home. However, this was no routine adoption. The Sanders adopted a set of six siblings, all at the same time. Even the judge who presided over the adoption hearing said that such an event was, in his experience, unprecedented.

The adopted children range in age from 9 to 16. But remarkably, they won’t be the only Sanders kids in the household.

In fact, the Sanders already have five biological kids of their own! This stunning act of love and generosity has brought the Sanders’ total “child count” up to a whopping 11.
What They’ve Longed to Hear

Reportedly, the kids are all getting along terrifically. The boys have been playing sports together, while two of the new sisters have taken to wearing matching clothes.

Some have expressed concerns due to a racial component in the adoption. But their concerns are unwarranted, because this family is bound by love and faith.

The Sanders parents couldn’t care less about the race of their new family members. When asked, Mr. Sanders stated quite plainly, “God says we are all the same.”

And as if all that weren’t enough, there is one more piece of conclusive evidence that these children were meant to join the Sanders family. Each one of the Sanders, from the parents themselves to their five biological children, has the initials “CMS.”

As soon as the foster Sanders realized just how “at home” they felt with their new family, they asked their case worker if it would be possible to change their names. Now, they’ve done just that.

So, in the spirit of keeping with the traditions of their new family, the six children officially became Coby, Christian, Caleb, Caylee, Carson, and Chloe Sanders. We wish them and their new family all the best!

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