Mom 36 Weeks Pregnant When Husband Abandons Her. They Open Oven Door, She LOSES It At What’s Inside


The cameraman went on a tour, highlighting several items which did not belong to Amanda. As these were pointed out, the hostess explained all of the wonderful gifts people had given.

A vacuum cleaner symbolized the free home cleanings for the next six months, the food in the refrigerator was a gift from Eat Fit Food with the commitment to bring daily meals for the next three months so she would not

need to worry about groceries, and on the counter was $4,000 of baby supplies for the new mother, including a $1,000 voucher for baby pictures. But when the camera settled on the oven and the door was opened, everyone lost it.

Inside of the oven was a large stack of cash: $10,000 so that Amanda does not have to worry about her mortgage right away. Incredible!

With tears streaming down her face, all Amanda could say was “It means I don’t have to move now…I can’t thank you enough, I really can’t.”

While it is certainly not the 2017 she had originally envisioned having, the generosity of so many strangers is making it possible for her to reach her dream of having a child and a place to call home.

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