Courtroom Thinks Judge’s Bizarre Sentencing Is A Joke, But He’s Dead Serious [video]

As any animal lover knows, our pets are the purest forms of love there are. Dogs especially give us so much emotionally and always have a “smile” on their face when we come home from work or a long day out of the house. No matter what, they’re up, wagging their tails and happy to see us.

That’s why there is a special place is hell reserved for all animal abusers. The kind of person who assaults, neglects and hurts animals – and innocent humans for that matter – deserve harsh punishments. America cannot condone that type of behavior.

And when we learned that Judge Michael Cicconetti of Painseville, Ohio felt the same way, we were all too happy to share his story with you.

He plans to change the game by giving punishments that fit the crime. Like “an eye for an eye”, Cicconetti wants to hit criminals where it hurts most – in their pride with some unusual punishments…

While Judge Cicconetti has sentenced animal abusers to strict punishments, he also rules on other crimes. Below you’ll see how he treated a girl who skipped paying her cab fare. He gave her a long walk of shame…

When a bike thief was caught, the judge forced him to ride in a local parade among all his peers.

And a man who was soliciting prostitutes, which is a dangerous crime that furthers the horrible act of sex trafficking, was forced to walk around in public wearing a chicken costume while holding an embarrassing sign.

But the story of how Judge Cicconetti burned Alyssa Marrow will hit you where it counts. Marrow was found guilty of neglecting and abusing her adorable dog Moose. She had trapped her poor dog inside her disgusting home with nowhere to exercise or use the bathroom.

Because the judge is a dog love, like many Americans, the images of what she had done to poor Moose tugged at his heartstrings. Judge Cicconetti refused to go easy on the animal abuser. So, he decided to issue her a sentence to give her a taste of her own medicine.

“I want you to live like Moose. In order to do that, I want you to go down to the county dump, the landfill.

I want them to find the stinkiest, smelliest, god-awful odor place they can find in that dump, and I want you to sit there for 8 hours tomorrow. Just think what you did to that dog while you smell the odor,” Judge Cicconetti said while sentencing Morrow.

“If you puke, you puke. Understand?”

Morrow has a choice. She can either accept this strange, alternative sentence or spend 90 days in jail. She agrees to go to the dump.

“Ok, see you at the dump tomorrow,” the judge says as Morrow is whisked out of his courtroom.

Check out the video report from ABC News below to see how it works. What do you think about this Ohio judge’s unusual punishment?

Watch Video Below:

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