Woman’s Lips Are Shocking The Internet


The 25-year-old decided to start painting after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and confined inside by doctors.

“I spent most of my days inside and focused on art for happiness.

From canvases I began working on my own face, which then led to doing a few makeup courses during the time I was unwell and working then as a makeup artist,” she said to ABC News.

So, Jazmina got creative. Inspired by popular movies or holidays, Jazmina kept sketching famous scenes and images onto her mouth. Her incredible masterpieces are posted to Instagram and Youtube, where thousands of subscribers tune in for tutorials.

One of her most recent inspirations was Beyonce’s viral pregnancy announcement. Check out her interpretation:

Just finished taking my makeup off. It's seriously the best feeling once you take it off and let your skin breathe 😩 who else feels the same way?!! Contacts are from @solotica_melbourne 'Ocre' #freshface

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Like any artist, it took Jazmina some time to figure out the best of her designs. “I think any artist is the same way. They like to keep trying and get it close to perfect or until they are happy with it,” she explained.

While she doesn’t have a favorite design, she insists that “they are all special to me as they all represent something I love and I just hope that the joy and happiness that it brings me, brings the same to anyone else that sees them.”

We can’t help but agree! You can follow more of Jazmina’s work on her Instagram.