Woman Yells At Disabled 8-Year-Old Girl On Flight; A Few Hours Later, Things Take A Scary Turn

An airplane passenger who yelled “Shut that child up!” at a mother whose disabled 8-year-old daughter had a “meltdown” on an international flight was shamed on social media after the young girl had to go to the hospital later that night.

Nicola Colenso, whose daughter Yasmin has Sturge-Weber syndrome, a rare condition affecting her skin, eyes and brain, said the woman’s “abusive” behavior caused her daughter’s anxiety to become worse. Colenso criticized the woman’s actions in a Facebook post that has since gone viral, reports the Daily Mail.

Colenso and Yasmin, along with the rest of their family, including Colenso’s partner, Rick Murray, and Yasmin’s three siblings, were on a Jet2 flight from Ibiza, Spain, to Manchester, England, coming home from their vacation when Yasmin became anxious and noisy during the two-hour flight.

The woman allegedly said her beauty sleep had been interrupted, and turned around and told Colenso to “Shut that child up!”

In Colenso’s Facebook post, she describes politely explaining Yasmin’s condition to the woman, and suggesting that she ask the airline staff if she could move seats.

The fellow passenger allegedly responded by saying that she was “sick of the noise,” as well as calling Murray a “p—-” in front of the children.

“Your behavior and outburst was not helpful whatsoever in helping to calm down our daughter’s anxiety,” said Colenso in the post.

Later that night, after returning home, Yasmin began to have severe seizures that required her to go to the hospital.

“I hope social media helps find you to let you know that same little eight-year-old girl ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance that evening as she became seriously unwell,” Colenso said in her post, addressing the stranger. “Maybe you managed to get a good night’s sleep?”

Colenso said that night Yasmin went limp and her lips turned blue, describing the experience as “really scary.”

Yasmin was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Her mother added that she had not been rushed to the hospital like that since she had a major brain surgery in 2013.

Colenso’s post, which has been shared more than 60,000 times, has struck a chord with users on social media, who criticized the stranger on the airplane’s “insensitivity” toward Yasmin’s condition, according to The Sun.

“This is disgusting behavior,” said one reader. “Hope the little girl is doing better now.”

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