Toddler Says Mouth Tastes ‘Yucky,’ Then Mom Sees What Employee Did To Her


Taking your kid out to eat can be a nice little treat for both mom and child. But when Dezeray Risner took her four-year-old to Wendy’s for a meal, she had no idea that a simple day out with her daughter would turn into such a nightmare.

Risner and her daughter hadn’t been eating for long when her daughter began complaining that her mouth tastes “yucky”.

She was starting to feel strange, and said the fries didn’t taste good. Risner couldn’t figure out what the problem was at first,

but after she looked a little more closely at her food, she discovered that one of the employees had laced her daughter’s food with drugs.

Risner smelled the french fries, and could smell the marijuana. She broke apart a few of the fries, and realized that her hunch was correct: marijuana leaves and stems had been baked right into the fries.

Furious, Risner immediately took pictures to document the drugs. She then called the police, before notifying the manager of what had happened.

However, the manager took absolutely no accountability for the horrifying incident.

Instead of launching some kind of investigation, the manager merely replied that because there were no surveillance cameras in the kitchen, there was no way to conclusively prove who had put the drugs in her food.

Several employees did admit to smoking pot, but the manager didn’t fire them, even though Wendy’s is presumably a drug-free workplace.

Police officers are still investigating the incident, but it’s unlikely that the culprit will be caught,

meaning that they could continue to victimize other innocent customers. As for Risner, her daughter will thankfully make a full recovery.

But the fact that something like this could happen at Wendy’s, with a manager who refused to take any action over it, should make a lot of people think twice before they eat there again.