Here’s The Sign A Restaurant Owner Posted Regarding Transgender Bathrooms That Has Liberals Whining


Now that Donald Trump is president, the American people feel that the battle for political correctness has been lost. Liberals, who cry and complain about issues like the Pioneer Woman’s spicy Asian chicken wings, need to get over themselves. And because Trump could care less about the “rules” of political correctness, people including lots of conservatives believe this makes it free game.

When a conservative restaurant owner posted a politically incorrect and discriminatory sign in his establishment’s window, offended people demanded he takes it down. But now only will this stubborn business owner not remove it, he offered them an extra 7 words to think about…

While Oklahoma is one of the reddest states in America, liberals keep flocking to the Sooner State to make a life for themselves. Although the socially conservative residents would rather they move somewhere else, they try to tolerate them. But as soon as these invaders try to change the way things have been for the last several decades, they fight back. And that’s what happened in one restaurant.

Bob Warner, the owner, and operator of Steak & Catfish Barn, often used his storefront as a mode to express his conservative political and social beliefs. When Trump was running for president, his windows were plastered with campaign stickers and signs.

But when he put up a sign that offended the transgender population, he was quickly confronted about his indiscretion. Paula Schonauer, a transgender woman, who was biologically born a man, saw the sign in Warner’s window and confronted the owner about it.

The sign played into the nation-wide transgender bathroom issue. Warner’s sign read:
“We do not have a transgender bathroom. So don’t be caught in the wrong one. Thank you, Bob.”

Because the sign discriminated against Schonauer, she stood up to the restaurant owner and asked him to remove it. Warner refused. He did not want someone to be able to use the women’s bathroom just because they wore women’s clothing.

Schonauer tried to explain the issue to Warner and that she wasn’t just dressing as a woman, but was born a woman inside a man’s body. It is a challenging issue and one many people struggle to understand. But Schonauer tried.

But Warner refused to budge. And even said that the sign might protect transgender people. In seven words, he said:

“I don’t want to see nobody hurt.”

He explained that his clientele would not act friendly toward transgender people.

“We have a lot of redneck guys that come in here,” Warner said. “Truck drivers and everything. They’re big husky guys and I said ‘man alive!’ If their wife or their little girl walked in that bathroom and a man followed them in there, I wouldn’t have a restaurant.”

Because Warner refused to see his side of the issue, Schonauer said, “I was disturbed. It was really a letdown. That sign has an implied threat and a threat that’s very real to me.”

Where do you stand on this issue and why?

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