School Forces Her To Change, Thinks Male Students Won’t Be Able To Control Themselves [photo]


While being tall is something that some people dream about, it can be difficult to be in the shoes of the person who is above the average height.

Clothing isn’t always easy for tall women to shop for since jeans tend to be made for the average height of 5’5 or 5’6. And dresses and skirts always look a little shorter on someone who is taller than average, which brings on a whole other challenge.

Seventeen-year-old Sophia Abuabara experienced just how tough it can be to be taller than her classmates.

She was called out by the school administrator and principal for wearing a dress that they claimed didn’t meet the criteria for the dress code. Sophia was asked to call her mother to bring her a more appropriate article of clothing, but she found that she was being shamed during the whole process.

When her mother, Rosey, received the call, she hurried to the school but refused to take a change of clothing because she felt that it would be embarrassing for her daughter, who had three tests to worry about that afternoon.

Instead, she met with the school principal, Dr. Jerry Woods, to voice her opinion on the matter.

Rosey had measured the distance of where the dress fell above the knees and it met the four-inch requirement, so she didn’t feel like her daughter should’ve been reprimanded and called out for staying within the guidelines. The rule is that dresses and skirts have to stay within four inches above the knee cap.

When Rosey brought this to Woods’ attention, he said that it did not matter and what did matter was the judgment call from the administrator who made the complaint. Apparently, he was concerned about Sophia getting photos taken of her while she was climbing the stairs.

“Well, she’s going to climb upstairs when she’s in college,” said Rosey. “I don’t know, it got kind of crazy.”

In addition to the shaming of her daughter, Rosey was not happy about the fact that Woods allegedly laughed at Sophia when she was upset about being confronted about her outfit.
“The principal laughed because he thought it wasn’t anything for her to be crying about,” said Rosey. “I told him that was a very sexist thing to say.”

The sexist comments kept coming when Woods asked Rosey if she needed to call her husband to help her deal with the situation.

In response, she said, “No sir, I do not need my husband here to take care of this. I am a grown woman and I can take care of this myself.”

Rosey’s main concern was that this minor incident was causing unneeded stress when her daughter had to take three tests that afternoon. In a Facebook post that she shared, Rosey said the following…

“What is more important here? My daughter’s skirt length or her Physics AP test score? She also had an APUSH test and a Latin 3 test back to back. Don’t understand how this is a dress code violation. She’s 5’9, it’s hard to find anything that fits longer.”

After Rosey refused to leave, the campus security escorted her out of the school.

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