Registered Nurse Pays The Price After Cameras Capture Heinous Act On Paralyzed Man [video]

After the family of a paralyzed man grew suspicious of his nurse, they set up a hidden camera. Good thing they did because the footage they’ve just shared on the internet has led to her arrest. As the camera watched on, the ventilator-dependent and paralyzed 26-year-old man was slapped and manhandled by the registered nurse.

Now 64-year-old Dorothea Harvilik has been indicted for slapping and abusing the 26-year-old victim in New Jersey. Although she faces only 18-months in prison for her disgusting crime, the former nurse form Saddle River has been charged with fourth-degree assault.

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After the victim’s mother grew suspicious, she installed a hidden camera in the young man’s room. She had noticed scratches and other signs of mistreatment on his hands and other parts of his body. She decided that the only way to learn the truth about how Harvilik was treating her son was to sneak a camera into the room.

In the disturbing video, you’ll see Harvilik start straightaway with her manhandling. She forcibly juts a pillow under the victim’s head. And after she performs that bit of abuse, she seems to slap the paralyzed man.

The abused man’s mother showed the security footage to the nurse’s employer. The Teaneck home healthcare agency took one look at the footage and immediately terminated their relationship with Dorothea Harvilik.

After firing her, the agency notified the state Division of Consumer Affairs to report the registered nurse’s actions. Then the bureaucrats opened up an investigation.

The abuse occurred in November 2016. And after seeing the clip, the State Board of Nursing permanently revoked Harvilik’s nursing license. Although the evidence seems obvious, Harvilik did not admit to her actions. But she will never be allowed to apply to reinstate her nursing license.

“The horrifying images of Nurse Harvilik striking this defenseless patient and wrenching his head as she tended to him, underscored our need to ensure that all New Jersey families, regardless of their income, have access to state-of-the art technology they need to watch over their loved ones,” New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino said in a statement.

“As this indictment shows, hidden cameras not only expose patient abuse, they can provide the ‘smoking-gun’ evidence that helps bring abusers to justice.”

When New Jersey announced the “State Care Cam”, they simultaneously released this video footage. They want to provide residents with free, micro surveillance cameras to monitor a caregiver if abuse is suspected. “Anyone who suspects a loved one is being abused by an in-home caregiver should not be left to feel helpless or without recourse,” Porrino said in discussing the program.

“Cameras don’t lie, and the abuses they’ve revealed are shocking. But a quality micro-surveillance camera is expensive and many people simply can’t afford them. So we’re offering the use of these cameras free of charge to those who wish to confirm that their loved ones are safe and well cared for in their absence.

“We hope that the Safe Care Cam program will provide peace of mind for family members, while at the same time serving as a strong deterrent and reminder to unscrupulous care providers that we will prosecute their cases aggressively.”

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