Rapist Asks For Judge To Give Him Shorter Sentence — Gets Hit With Reality


A Florida man convicted of raping and beating a teen girl and leaving her for dead appealed for a shorter sentence, but his appeal was promptly shut down by a judge.

According to the NY Post, Kendrick Morris was originally sentenced to 65 years in prison for his crimes against the teen girl, but now, a judge has decided to put him behind bars for the rest of his life.

In 2008, Morris, who was 16-years-old at the time, beat the victim outside of the Bloomingdale Regional Public Library in Valrico, Florida, according to Newsiosity. After beating the teen, he the brutally raped her and left her to die outside of the library.

During his initial trial, the judge ignored the fact that Morris was a minor and sentenced him to 65 years in prison for his brutal offenses.

Morris was granted a re-sentencing hearing for 2017, following a decision by the Supreme Court that extensive sentences for minors are unconstitutional and that offenders should be given the opportunity for parole.

As the NY Post notes, a re-sentencing hearing doesn’t necessarily mean that a sentence will be lessened. Morris learned this in his hearing.

  • Morris was was a new sentence of life in prison after a judge heard his case.
  • Newsiosity readers commented on the case on the site’s Facebook page.

“Should be life no parole, he should be responsible for her medical expenses,” one reader commented.

“Whatever he has or earns in prison should be garnished for the medical expenses. Although he will never pay all expenses, every dollar he gets should automatically go to family. Thank you judge for administering justice.”

“I truly think horrendous rape case such as this, should be death penalty case. There is no excuse that he could ever give to excuse this and what he did was indeed life changing,” another user wrote.

“It doesn’t matter that he was 16 at the time, if he killed her there would be no question. Because he left her alive but maimed her, he should live? I don’t think so, it was not out of mercy that he didnt kill her but, because he ‘botched’ the job. He doesn’t deserve mercy as he did not give mercy!”

“All rape is horrendous and should be treated as such, but what about that white college kids that just got a slap on the wrist,” another reader commented. “Age,color or position should never have bearing on any criminal case.

Treat the rich like the poor, the black like the white and the young like the old. They all know right from wrong!!!”

Sources: NY Post