Police Answer Call About Non-Stop Barking – Yhen They Find What’s On The Floor In The Home

A 62-year-old New Jersey woman’s life was saved thanks to her two dogs, who knew they had to call for somebody to help her.

The woman, a widow who lives alone with her two dogs, Bella and Sammy, collapsed in the bathroom of her Northvale home. According to NJ.com, the woman was semi-conscious, but the fall prevented her from being able to move, possibly for several days.

A few nights after the fall, neighbor Meg Verdigi’s daughter, Melanie, and her friend, Nicole Boyle, were taking their nightly walk when they heard the sound of dogs barking and glass breaking.

Concerned, the two women walked up to the home to ring the bell, but saw blood on a shattered window. Sammy barked the entire time.

“He never stopped barking,” Verdigi told NJ.com. “I think he has separation anxiety.”

Melanie called her mother to tell her what was going on.

“She said ‘I think the dog broke the window. And the dog is barking,’” Verdigi said. “She asked should she call the police. I said, ‘Yes. Call the police.’”

According to Newsiosity, when Northvale police officers arrived at the home, they reached into the broken window to unlock the front door. They found the two dogs inside the house “with no food or water in sight.”

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