Mom Stunned When Waiter Returns, Rips Check to Pieces. But Then Strange Man Walks Up in Tears


Dining out is often an adventure, as friends and family gather together to enjoy each other’s company along with a good meal. Food has a way of fostering community, served up with laughter and cheer, and in this case, generosity.

A Texas mother and her baby were enjoying a meal at Cracker Barrel when the waiter approached her table at the end of the meal. Confusion crossed the mother’s face when the waiter unexpectedly ripped up her bill, right there at the table.

The waiter then uttered a sentence that Nyesha Wingate never expected to hear, “This has been paid for!” Stunned, Wingate looked around her to see if the mystery buyer was nearby.

Wingate recalled the incredible scene that took place as her eyes scanned the busy diner. “Then this amazing gentleman came up to me with tears in his eyes,” Wingate wrote on Facebook.

The outward appearance of the approaching stranger was the complete opposite of young Wingate in terms of race, gender, and age. The man walked right up to Wingate, who was holding her young son, and delivered a powerful message to the curious woman.

“We really have to get over all this tension in America,” the smiling stranger said. “And I have been looking for ways that I can put it into action!”

I was blessed this morning as the waiter at Cracker Barrell came a ripped up my check and said, "This has been paid for!…

Posted by Nyesha Wingate on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Heart swelling with love over the man’s kindhearted gesture, Wingate didn’t hesitate to embrace her new friend named Al. “I gave him the biggest hug and thanked him!” she wrote.

Meeting Al left a positive impression on Wingate that humans are more alike than different. “How can we hate someone made by a perfect and loving God?” Wingate expressed.

She admitted that the time spent chatting with Al left both of their hearts full of gratitude. “I was more blessed by his presence and conversation [than] the paid for meal!” Wingate declared.

“Thanks Al!” Wingate concluded. “May God bless America with more people like you!”

Al’s simple act of kindness has reached eyes and ears across the globe as the story continues to spread. Two strangers, brought together over a meal and generous hearts, have left a poignant reminder for all of us to let go of our differences and be kind.