Gang Member Who Decided To Molest A Child Will Soon Find Out What Prison Justice Means

Inside Edition is reporting that an alleged gang member in Atlanta has been arrested for molesting a child as part of a gang initiation.

The incident occurred in 2016, and one man and one juvenile have been arrested in connection with the case. Twenty-five-year-old Antonio Banks, of Atlanta, Georgia, was arrested last week on charges stemming from a gang-related child molestation case from last summer.

According to the arrest warrants, “Banks and another juvenile held the victim against his will after he tried to run from them while being initiated into the gang. The victim may have been a willing participant until oral sex became a part of it.”

According to a Dekalb County Police spokesman, the practice is a common initiation ritual for the Gangster Disciples of which, Banks is an alleged member. He is also accused of burning the minor’s thighs with a lit cigarette.

Speaking to the press, Major Stephan Fore said: “It has been seen before where members are sexed into a gang.”

According to the Police, the alleged assault happened sometime between May and August of 2016 in an area abandoned house. Public response to the arrest has been nothing short of outrage, as one could expect. People have been taking to the internet to express themselves, saying things like:

“My first feeling is utter revulsion. This is disgusting! But it makes me sad that children are so eager to belong to something, anything …outside of themselves. Why can’t these stupid gangs get together and do something worthwhile? All that wasted time and energy…and for what? All they get is death and prison terms.”- Anon.

“Anyone that hurts a child deserves nothing less than a bullet between their eyes.”- Margaret Smith

“Wow tough guy. Since he likes boys so much then he will feel right home in prison. They love child molesters.”- Shannon Lindsay

“Throw his ass in jail and never ever let him out. I hate people like him. they should all be exterminated once convicted.”- Samantha Lima

“What happened to the old school jumped in?? Now they molest children!!! They’re pedophiles!”- Holly Bennett

“You get punked out to do things to children to be part of a men cult. You are weak and sick to do this to a child just to belong to some bull like that. Can’t wait until they pass you around in lock up. You don’t have to man up now.”- Deborah Sharp

“You want to be a part of a despicable empty moral code gang? Even the hardest criminals in jail have a special treatment for garbage who touch children or prey on the weak. you must be so proud.”- Karen Frye

“They can’t think of anything better to do with their time besides being homosexual gang members.”- Marcy Nair

“Disgusting!!! Make me sick to my stomach! This is a crazy sick world that we’re living in! That let me know that we are in the end time.”- Dolores Banks

If Banks is convicted, what do you think his sentence should be? Share your thoughts with us here.

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