Little Girl Kept Offering Her Daughter Candy. Then Mom Realizes Her Daughter Is Being Followed


A mother shared a terrifying story about her young daughter that quickly went viral.

Amanda Kalidy shared her story on Facebook, explaining that she was with her daughter, Jenna, at target when a little girl approached them and started bothering Jenna and trying to give her candy.

“I was at Target when a girl [who was] about nine years old kept approaching my daughter. I didn’t think much at first. But she was pretty persistent, so I got irritated and told her that my daughter didn’t want any candy and we kept walking,” she wrote in the post, Shareably reported.

Woman’s Daughter Offered Candy, Then She Realizes Something.

What happened next completely stunned Kalidy.

“She got upset with me and as I went to check out she came up again trying to get Jenna to take some gum. I looked over and a man was across the store signaling to her. I told the cashier and he called the manager, which then they both bolted and got into a van,” she wrote.

If the situation happened as Kalidy perceived it, the little girl who tried to give Jenna candy was being used as bait by the man in an attempt to kidnap her.

“If I had known what what was happening at the time, I could have grabbed the girl and saved her! Point being, they wanted to take my daughter! She’s four!” she wrote.

“The manager told me that [human traffickers] target places like Target because moms are there during the day with their kids, and many times moms turn their backs when loading the cart. That’s when they can grab them from shopping carts. Please be careful and always watch your kids!”

The shocking story quickly went viral.

“Wow…this is scary…you think that going to the store is just another everyday thing but it can turn into a nightmare…please let’s be aware specially with kids when we go to any public places…I say better safe then sorry!” one Shared reader wrote in response on the site’s Facebook page.

“Such a terrible thing could have happened…good for the Mom for noticing. Thank God nothing bad happened,” another reader wrote.

“Her message is very basic and true about human traffickers using all kinds of lures to abduct their victim or victims, Be very aware of everyone about you when out in the public domain. Evil lures everywhere. So glad that this Mother became aware of the danger that her child was in and took action to keep her child safe,” another added.