Driver Who Thinks They’re Entitled, Tries To Cut Off Funeral Precession, Ends In Tragedy

In America, no one has a moment to spare anymore. People are always in a rush and this is seen every day on the roads. Although people are always connected to the world via smartphones and other devices, they still want to get places quicker than the guy next to them. You’ll see impatient drivers cutting in and out of traffic and making dangerous moves – just to get inches ahead of where they were.

Hurrying is dangerous – especially when you’re doing it with your car. While things are bad in America when it comes to people rushing, the U.S. is not the only place where impatient people live.

A recent phot from England shows how an impatient driver turned a tragedy into a disaster. As the driver cut in front of a funeral procession, he slammed into a horse and caused more toil for the family of Elizabeth Maureen Morris…

When Mrs. Morris, the beloved mother and grandmother, was lost to cancer, her family decided to give her a proper goodbye. Since she had touched their lives ever since they were children, they wanted to send her back to Heaven in the best way they could. And since Mrs. Morris loved tradition, they decided to give her a horse-drawn funeral procession.

“Our grandmother always said that she had wanted horses at her funeral and we were so pleased to have been able to carry out her wishes,” a family member said.

While they were mourning the loss of their matriarch, an impatient driver decided he had no time to wait. Because the driver didn’t want to get stuck behind the slow-moving funeral procession, the driver cut off to the side and then back into traffic. But the rushed motorist misjudged the distance.

The car slammed into the horse-drawn carriage, sending the two horses and the 58-year-old driver of the carriage flying into the air.

The man driving was injured. But his heart broke when he saw that the driver had harmed his horses. One of the beautiful creatures was so severely injured, the horse, Wil, had to be put down at the scene of the collision.

The grieving family of Elizabeth Morris was destroyed. They had planned a peaceful remembrance and now it was all ruin – because on impatient driver didn’t want to wait a few minutes.

“It’s very difficult to explain the severity of what we saw that day. We absolutely worshipped my grandmother,” Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Kirsty Thomas said. “She planned this funeral herself two years ago and up until this point it was beautiful. Seeing this felt as bad as the day she actually passed away.”

While the funeral was already a tragedy, the driver turned the day into a disaster. Now two souls were lost. Morris and the horse.

“Our grandfather had been so proud and then he had to watch that happen at his wife’s funeral,” another family member lamented.

Life is fragile. And for those that rush everywhere, they don’t get to experience the beauty around them. When is the last time you looked at the trees along your commute? The mountains, the hills? Or are you focused only on passing the cars around you?

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