Entitled Lady Thinks No One Is Watching, Has No Clue Security Camera Has A Center View


While enjoying a date at a Denver bar, a brazen female customer reaches over the counter to grab a potted plant. Then she smiles at the man next to her and takes home with her. The plant was shaped like a dinosaur and displayed behind the popular bar at the brewery.

As she stuffs it into her purse, the man next to her, which many people have identified as her husband, doesn’t seem to think twice about her act of thievery. Instead, he seems to smile and appreciate her aggressive, grab-handedness.

The video was originally posted on Our Mutual Friend but has since deleted it. Thankfully, the internet has picked it up and it is now going viral as your read this…

In the clip (included below), you’ll see the woman grab the dinosaur shaped plant and then stuff the object into her purse. Meanwhile, the co-conspirator by her side only looks up at her phone and doesn’t seem to object one bit.

Because the incident was caught on the brewery’s security footage, they shared the clip on Instagram in the hopes of finding the thief. And along with the video footage, they shared the following hashtags: “#dontstealfromus” and “#welovedthatdino”

As the video footage continued to go viral, many people in the Denver area came out to help the beloved brewery. Among them was a local sleuth. This person identified the thief and told the local news station KUSA, “with some VERY light internet stalking we were able to figure out they’re on vacation for their 1st wedding anniversary.”

The findings of the thieving couple have not yet been released. The internet is demanding the name of the woman and her husband. And the video got more than 4,000 views and 200 angry comments before the brewery deleted it from their Instagram page.

But that hasn’t stopped the internet from discussing the dino-shaped plant thief. Here are a few comments from Daily Mail:

“If someone were to come visit these two at their home and that person were to try and steal this same item back but were caught in the act what do you think they would say to them?” asked a Duluth resident.

“I had a friend who would take “mementos” from everywhere, as she called them. I called it stealing. Our friendship ended when she “collected” a small picture off the bathroom wall of a party at a friends house,” shared a Chicago person.

“Does anyone really care? Who was so grievously injured that they warranted a story in the. D. m? Oh sorry, my bad…my bad,” wrote LoneWolf2 from the U.S.

“Just one of the entitled many, what do you expect? They’ve been indoctrinated to believe they can take whatever they want. I see the liberal ninnies who are commenting on this story think it’s no big deal, as usual,” shared a conservative from the Rocky Mountains.

What do you think about this brazen female customer? Should she face consequences?

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