Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Drains Dish Rag In Officer’s Coffee, Laughs With Coworkers, Still Employed

A Coral Springs police FOP is warning south Florida cops to avoid a Dunkin’ Donuts where one of their officers had two awful experiences.

According to the Coral Springs FOP Lodge 87, after the officer ordered a cup of coffee she noticed an employee ‘sneering’ at her as he placed her coffee on the counter.

After one sip, the officer immediately noticed a strong soap taste in the coffee as if the employee had rung out a dish rag into her drink.

Perhaps hoping she was mistaken or that it was somehow an accident, the officer returned a few days later.

This time, the same employee was working and she noticed they were pretending to spit in the officer’s coffee as two other employees laughed and handed the cup to the officer. The officer left without the coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts is ‘investigating’ the incident, but the offending employee is still working at the store.

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