Bystander Spots Dog Lying Alone On Side Of Road, Quickly Spots Devastating Reason Why


As you are probably already well aware, we just love dogs to death around here. Which is why we were so upset by a recent story we came across about an abandoned dog.

This story will break your heart when you read it.

Paul Skinner was out for a bicycle ride recently when he noticed a dog on the side of the road in a patch of undergrowth. Skinner saw the dog desperately sniffing and licking a plastic bag. When he pulled over to check on the poor dog, he made a gruesome discovery. Someone had placed the dog’s newborn pups inside the bag and suffocated them.

Skinner immediately called the police and they notified a nearby veterinary clinic in a vain attempt to save the puppies lives.

A spokesperson for the veterinary clinic said they could not determine if the four small pups had been stillborn or placed in the bag while they were still alive, but their mother is now safely recovering at an area shelter.

People who have read this story have taken to social media to share their thoughts on it, saying things like:

“I think people do that to a good dog it will be their turn to have a very evil thing in their life but I think of my dogs as my family.”- Ann Keene

“I’m a pet groomer own my business. I work 5 days a week with these ever loving precious angels.

It’s my passion, not a job. This story ripped me up. I’m crying here. Evil, rotten, no good people who do this shit to furbabies just rages me. I’m a big believer in KARMA… may it ride the person’s ass who did this to this mommy furbaby.

KARMA never sleeps and it has no mercy.. hope someone loving in the world adopts this beautiful babydoll.”- Ce Marie “Whoever did this horrific act should be put in a plastic bag and suffocated.” Mary McNeal

“That’s so cruel to do that that just breaks my heart.i would take her in a min and love her and show her she doesn’t have to live that way any more.”- Martha Summers

“Even if the puppy were stillborn, they should of comfort the mom not make her hurt , abandon her and leaving her puppies next to her in a bag,,,,God loves his animals, ,they will have to answer to God”- Nene Gonzales

“Anyone that hurts a dog. Child or,an older person needs to be put down.”- Sue Grear

“I think that’s awful. my daughter rescues and finds home for animals. to even think the puppies being placed in a bag alive is heartbreaking.”- Fran Kemp

“This poor dog…such heartbreak…whoever did this is a cruel, heartless bastard and should be charged with animal cruelty!!! Not only for those innocent puppies but for dumping the poor Mama as well….shameful and disturbing.”- Stephanie Czech

“So very cruel. How can people do this kind of thing?? And yes dogs mourn for their babies just as we do. I hope the owners of this dog never have another animal. Poor mom had tears in her eyes, how heart breaking!”- Maralyn Ikert

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