Wife Walks Into Restaurant, Sees Husband With Mistress. Massive Dose Of Karma Is Dished Out


A shocking video has been shared that features a wronged girlfriend attacking her cheating boyfriend and his mistress after catching them on a date at a local café.

After the video was posted to social media, it went viral with more than 40 million views in the days since its release.

In the clip, a brunette woman suddenly storms up to a man seated at a table in a café somewhere in Brazil. The man is chatting with a blonde woman and a third woman.

Without warning, she sucker-punches the cheater in the side of the head. Then she unleashes her anger on the blonde with whom he was apparently cheating on her with…

With the blonde’s hair in her hands, she drags the mistress to the floor. Then the cheating boyfriend falls on top of the blonde before the brunette continues her rampage by grabbing his wrist.

She unexpected helps the cheater up. Then she resumes her attack. They fight off camera for a moment and then the blonde picks up a chair to defend herself.

But the brunette is angrier at the man who wronged her than the blonde who he simply used. The man struggles to calm the wronged girlfriend down. But she continues to fight and push her way into his face.

When the blonde realizes what has happened – and that the man she has been sleeping with was using her to cheat on his girlfriend – she turns on the man too. He takes a few punches from the blonde before she runs away.

Because the video has excited viewers and showed domestic drama at its most destructive, more than 52,000 comments have been posted on the video.

“I have never understood why [wronged women] beat lovers and then get back with the husbands. If I were in that position, I would beat him, and only him,” Gisele Coelho Pedrosa wrote.

Simone Gomes shared, “This is a stupid woman to go and pick a fight, even if he cheated on her. Women should know that they deserve respect and this is not the kind of respect she needs.”

More readers from Daily Mail contributed other comments:

“Why is it always the other woman’s fault? It’s the man who has broken his vows,” Betty Banana from Manchester, United Kingdom wrote.

“Im not defending him but if it was the other way around would you defend him punching the girlfriend and dragging her around ?

The best revenge is to leave and live well ….Not showing yourself up and scrapping in public,” wrote a London resident.

“It could have been an innocent catch-up with a female friend or colleague. Just because it is two people from opposite genders sat at a table having a coffee, does not immediately mean that they are in a relationship.

Men in relationships can have friends who are women without having a sexual relationship with them!”

“the lady must have felt a whole lot better for her little outburst…”

What do you think? Was she right to attack him? Or should she have just broken things off?

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