The reason this dad threatened his newborn with being grounded is really very cute


The world would be a beautiful place if every father were this excited to welcome home his newborn son.

James Perry is absolutely thrilled about his baby in every way. He and his brand new son are enjoying the first bath and all this little guy needs to do is wave his hands around,

splash the water and sneeze to have his father enthralled. Perry is so excited he can not help but keep a running imaginary conversation with the new little life in his hands.

When the little guy wiggles a little, Perry supplies his own reasoning behind it, imagining the threat of a bathroom break in the tub or maybe just a few bubbles.

“Any bubbles and I swear you are grounded,” Perry tells his son. To be honest, we are pretty confident this dad is not letting his new son out of his sight regardless of if there are bubbles or not.

Perry was good enough to share the first bath experience with the rest of the Internet and his YouTube video boasts over 6,000,000 views.