Parent Is Fed Up With Common Core, Writes Hilarious Check To Elementary School


When it comes to the Common Core initiative, you can find many people either making hilarious jokes about it or ridiculing it. Needless to say, it’s highly controversial. Take the kid who informed his teacher that you “cannot make 10 with 8 +5.” While he’s not wrong, wait until you see what the teacher had to say.

Then there was the electronic engineer who tried to console his child by telling him that the real world values simplification over complication. He then states that using common core methods would result in job “termination.”

But one of the funniest jabs at Common Core comes from a man in Ohio who recently tweeted the following on Twitter. He decided to put his money where his mouth is:

The amount is made out in “common core math.” The man made a donation to Millridge Elementary School, but if the school wants to cash it, then it will need to explain to the bank cashier how it works.

The Washington Post recently ran a story about Ohio’s confusing and convoluted Common Core standards that brings to light the many issues with the program.

After students took an online test in math and English/language arts, it was discovered that only one-third of students were “proficient” in the subjects. The standard was then lowered so that it appeared that 65 percent of them were “proficient,” in an effort to skew the results.

Four states did not adopt Common Core, and at least 3 have pulled out.

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