4 Early Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer That Every Woman Needs To Know


While this could be a sign of a whole host of stomach, intestine, and bowel issues, it also may signify cancer.

Increased need to urinate

If you find yourself visiting the ladies room at a much higher frequency, despite making no changes to liquid intake, or you are fine one minute and urgently need to pee the next, you may have early stages of ovarian cancer.

All of these symptoms can easily, and often are, mistaken for issues and diseases with the Gastrointestinal tract.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms when you weren’t before, it is important to monitor their frequency and persistence.

If they don’t go away after three weeks or more, make an appointment with your doctor to talk about getting checked for Ovarian Cancer.

As women, it is up to us to monitor our own health, as well inform the women in our lives so that they, too, recognize the symptoms of this potentially fatal disease. Help us fight ovarian cancer by sharing this article with your friends and family!

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