Mom Posts Horrifying Photos Of Her Child On Social Media


A woman in the Philippines by the name of Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco sparked outrage and controversy after she posted a series of appalling photos to her Facebook account.

The pictures showed her child with a leash around his neck, hovering over a bowl of what some have speculated to be dog food.

An Inquirer report featured a quote from Dinky Soliman, Secretary of The Department of Social Welfare and Development, who claimed that the photos were intended to be taken as a joke.

Very few, if any, shared that sentiment. Soliman noted the severity of the issue, saying, “It is a clear case of child abuse and the perpetrator is liable under the Violence against Women and Children Act and under Republic Act 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse Law.”

Lurleen Hilliard of Dublin, Ireland, was the one to call nationwide attention to the images, according to an article from the Daily Mail.

The 46-year-old came across the photos while browsing Facebook back in May of this year, and immediately got in touch with authorities in the United States.

They then reached out to authorities in the Philippines in hopes to locate the woman and further investigate the story. Mirror reported that Dela Cruz Francisco was to be examined by psychiatrists following the incident, and her would be taken into care.

The mother’s twisted attempt at a joke was clearly not well received, and she faced the consequences. There doesn’t seem to be public information about the development of the case.

Dela Cruz Francisco deleted her Facebook shortly after the post garnered national attention, but the photos can be viewed in the video below.

Watch Video Below:

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